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28th March 2019

Minimum workplace pension contributions will soon be increasing

Dear Employee

Below is a letter issued by Smart Pension to those who are enrolled on the pension scheme, explaining the new increase and the benefits of being part of the pension scheme.

If you are enrolled then please take note of the increase in contribution, if you are currently not eligible, weekly assessment means that you could become so in the future.

If you wish to opt in or opt out then please log in to your smart pension account.

Should you need your log in information sent again then email


The government introduced automatic enrolment in 2012 to help employees like you get the

retirement they want. Since then, millions of employees, and their employers, have begun saving

into a workplace pension. The next step is for the minimum amount paid towards your workplace

pension – by us (your employer) and by you – to increase. This will help towards building your

pension pot for your future.

Did you know that:

• Saving into a workplace pension is a simple and easy way to help ensure you get the kind of

retirement that you want

• The earlier you begin saving, the more time your savings have to grow. You can also choose to

save more than the minimum if you wish

• The money will remain yours, including the contributions made by your employer, even if you

change jobs

• When you retire, you will be able to choose how to use your pension savings

• From 6 April 2019, we will contribute a minimum of 3%, and you will contribute 5% from a

portion of your earnings*, making a total of 8% paid into your retirement savings

*The law requires that, as a minimum, your contributions will be based on your earnings between £6,032 and £46,350. To find out what proportion of your salary your pension contributions are calculated on, check the information provided when you were enrolled